Gartner Entertainment is pleased to be in active development with the feature film project Travii.

Written by former Edmontonian, Jesse van der Schaaf with Torontonian, Mark Coster, this farcical adventure is a product of the Canadian Film Centre where both writers studied. It is smart comedy that will entertain from beginning to end with clever twists and unexpected turns throughout.

Travii is about two 30-something amnesiac men who wake up in a car in rural Alberta and take a road trip to discover their true identities, all the while unknowingly being hunted by both the mob and the RCMP.

Gil and Travis are an unlikely pair traveling together down the secondary highways of Alberta. Both without memory, they depend on each other and a found address book to discover who they used to be until they are confronted with the choice of starting over without a past or learning who and what they truly are.

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