We like fiction of pretty much any genre. We like engrossing shows that let the audience figure things out along with the characters. We like shows where you need to see the ending, where you marvel at what you've seen, where you are satiated for now and have a hunger growing for the next episode.

Gartner Entertainment is a media production company focused on creating Smart Entertainment for mobile, theatre, cinema and television. Projects include feature films, television series, and games and apps.

Writer/Producer/Director Karen Gartner started the company in 2008 in response to a perceived need for more consistent homegrown production of quality entertainment from Edmonton specifically, Alberta generally. With the growth of the digital age upon us there is no more an absolute requirement of a physical or geographical centre of production; quality production can happen anywhere.

One of our goals is to keep local crews, talent and creative artists employed on a more consistent basis. Amazing things can come from people when their livelihood is secure and based on their individual passions. That's where success comes from.